Plumbing and different license in Colorado


Plumbing without license

In Colorado, you can’t become a certified plumber without a license. Moreover, in order to obtain one, you are required to obtain some licenses too.Plumbing and different license in Colorado

Different plumbing license in Colorado

Generally, there are three types of plumbing license in Colorado: residential plumbing license, journeyman plumbing license, and a master plumbing license. Let’s begin with the very first step, suppose you’re an apprentice and willing to take on plumbing work.Then you have to register with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies within 30 days of working on a Colorado Plumbing job. Moreover, to become a residential plumber in Colorado you must fulfil the eligibility criteria.- Two years (3400 hours) of plumbing experienced under a licensed master plumber.- United States citizenship- Legitimate Social Security numberAfter you become a licensed residential plumber you can offer residential plumbing, all types of repairs and fittings. Additionally, residential plumbing license fee is $100.

If you desire to obtain a journeyman plumber then you must fulfil the below mentioned criteria:- Four years (6800 hours) of plumbing experience- Qualify the journeyman plumber examination- Submission of an affidavit of eligibility- Valid Social Security numberWhen you’ve become a licensed journeyman plumber, you can offer residential and commercial plumbing services. The journeyman plumber license fee is $120.The master plumber eligibility criteria:- 5 years (9780 hours) of plumbing experience- Affidavit of eligibility- US citizenship- Social Security numberThe master plumber license fee is $140.

What is sewer scope?

Now you have become a licensed plumber, you must wonder what will be your main tasks. Well, the most common job of plumber is to fix pipe fittings and tap leakage and if you turn out to to be lucky then you might perform sewer scope. what is a sewer scope, it’s a video pipeline inspection which spots the drainage problems that are not causing trouble to you clients.More interestingly, you have to service whenever someone in Colorado searches drain cleaner company near me, it doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber anything can become your opportunity to grind on your skills.


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